Deconstructed Security, LLC helps clients simplify their security program to the next level. Whether just starting a cybersecurity program or tuning a mature security operations center, DeconSec provides cybersecurity consulting as a service. I cut through vendor hype and misconceptions enabling leaders to protect their enterprise.

My promise is plain and simple:

  • I provide objective security advice.
  • No products.
  • No referral fees.
  • 100% unconditional money back guarantee on all services.

Partner Management

Good help is hard to find, especially when selection criteria is unclear. I've partnered with Fortune 500 customers to test their controls and help them find tools and service providers that actually improve security.


Compliance without context undermines security. I've supported PCI, HIPAA and other compliance initiatives to ensure customers achieve compliance without sacrificing security.

Cloud Strategy

Every CIO wants to move to the Cloud, but enterprise adoption lags at 20%. I can assist in prioritizing and planning cloud migrations.

Knowledge comes from taking things apart. Wisdom comes from putting things together.

- The Farmer's Almanac

Conference Talks: